~ # GEM GARDEN   ~ 
We're always looking for new gems!

GEMSTONE READINGS is a series dedicated to finding and exhibiting new talent and break out work in writing, performance and media art, and is most interested in female and queer perspectives. Gemstone seeks the diamond in the ruff, like Aladdin, but more Jasmine, you feel me?

GEMSTONE READINGS works to create unique audience experiences through the emergence of literary, visual and performance art, and non traditional venues and encourages viewers to dive head first into a barrel of gems, and take a few home in an encapsulated pencil - like that one you had in third grade!

GEMSTONE READINGS is also interested in featuring your poetic and visual gems on our website, as well as featuring writers and artists in shiny new ways through visual and digital media projects ! Find some of this noise on our tumblr and watch out for new gem secrets to be revealed soon!

GEMSTONE READINGS is always lOOking! let me know if you seek to be found! message me here !!

Send gems to: Laura Marie Marciano solarprocess@gmail.com // Social: